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please listen to this and watch this gif it’s very important

I literally cannot believe someone added tag meta to this I’m really proud


((i don’t know how often you get this, but.. it just stuck me as so funny, this has never happened to me before))


Yes no more dancing no more slightly creepy men. Muscle degradation here I come!!


 n*25 by Mac Amo

Ha someone needs to compare burger sizes like fuck.

And then two really good English teachers are leaving bc of the fucking Liberal government. So a while ago they did any audit on the teachers and the two teachers weren’t permanent and their contracts were terminating soon so the department or whatevs decided to move them to other schools and replace them with a sub that already teaches classes at my school and a targeted graduate which are apparently the top ranging uni students. And it’s not like they’re that bad like the sub is into drama and he’s thinking of beginning a film making course at school and we could get crapper graduates but the government is replacing two really good and experienced teachers just to fill a quota of targeted graduates in schools to make them look like they’re giving graduates jobs like feck.
They’ve also changed it so non-permanent teachers can’t teach extension courses and guess what the only two non-permanent teachers for English were pretty much the only ones experienced enough to teach both extensions. And that’s in place immediately so now I have the head teacher for Ext. 1 and my advanced teacher is teaching Ext. 2 and she hasn’t taught it before bit she’s the only one experienced enough to teach it. She’s good friend’s with the teacher she’s replacing though so she can call him up whenever she’s lost but she’s good it’ll be fine, everyone who’s doing it prefer her anyway.

I am so fucking frustrated arghhh. We had clearance today so I had to bring 5 textbooks and three novels to hand in. And then I didn’t have one of my Ancient textbooks so I signed all my other ones off then went home, found the textbook and went back. And then I couldn’t find the teacher I had to hand it in to so I went around the school like twice and then finally found him and then had to go back across the school to sign it all off and I accidentally walked past exams bc there weren’t any signs up saying not to :/
And then my year advisor was like see me next week and that’s just the fucking icing on the cake. And I didn’t have lunch so that’s the fucking cherry.




someone tries to send the entire script of bee movie as a howler